The Pleasure Pools Team

- for design and production

The founding director in conjunction with two other directors with marketing and financial expertise have invested heavily in the factory equipment. The major components are made in-house - with strict quality control.
Photo - Phil Burnet - Manager of Pleasure Pools
Phil Burnet
Manager of Pleasure Pools
  "I've spent a major part of my working life developing and pattenting the most technologically advanced concrete swimming pool construction system available.   Besides incredible strength, minimal maintenance and economical cost, this system enables concrete pool construction to be undertaken in all areas quickly, and easily adapts to unusually contoured sites and ground conditions.   I willingly stake my reputation on both the product and installation method of this guaranteed construction system."

The Franchise Team

- for sales and installation

Your safeguard of a quality project - not just a few tools on the back of a ute, they have all paid to join a team and have been extensively trained.

With ten manuals and access to the collective experience of the total team they can provide the answers and produce projects that look great and work well.   If for any reason they are unable to complete the project another member of the team will complete it for you at no extra cost.
We will link you to the franchisee for your area and they will follow up your requests.

The Pleasure Pool Guarantee

The structure of all Pleasure Pools is covered by a Registered Engineers Design Certificate/Producer Statement.   This enables local body authorities to, without question, accept the construction system and associated calculations as being sufficient standard as to last in excess of 50 years under normal circumstances.

The Aqualux Liner is covered independently by a 15 year reducing warranty, by Pleasure Pools Ltd.   The anticipated life is 15-20 years.   Then if it needs to be replaced it is relatively inexpensive.

Beadcrete 10 years reducing warranty.

Tiles 20 years reducing warranty.

Plant and Accessories are covered by individual manufacturers warranties.

We know that a satisfied owner is our best advertisement!

The Pleasure Pool System

Since 1971 what was then a fledgling company - "Pleasure Pools" has developed through extensive research of all possible alternatives to be the swimming pool system that has no equal!   In construction technique, registered engineer design or low maintenance, this unique patented system will ensure your peace of mind for years to come.

Independant Lab Testing
Rigorous independent laboratory testing ensures
consistent quality control
Export Construction in Egypt
Export construction training in the Middle Eastern
country of Oman


  • Light-weight precast concrete walls
  • Underwater retention clip of the Aqualux liner
  • Franchise Development
  • Exports to Oman and Egypt
  • Unique 3 piece retention clip
  • Development of taller wall units
  • Colour match inserts to liners
  • Smooth-weld Floors
  • Twin-Wall Construction Development

Pleasure Pools Recommendations

Often Pleasure Pools are asked about trusted people to work with when building and landscaping. We would like to recommend the following businesses:

  • Interscape Ltd -

  • Landmark Homes -

    Thanks for your time spent viewing our website - we trust it has be helpful with making your pool decision. We look forward to hearing from you and if we can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact us.