Top Quality Cleaning and Support Equipment

A full owners manual is provided to each new Pleasure Pool owner which has useful information on cleaning and maintenance guidelines, warranties, etc.

Floor Design

Because we have a swept dished floor and no right angles under the water in our perimeter it means auto cleaners perform at their best - minimizing your cleaning time.   See a photo of our dished floor under the Technical page or go directly there now.

Central Vac

Central Vac

Every Pleasure Pool is installed with a Central Vacuum Connection.

Central Vac System

This means the vacuum hose can be the shortest creating less hassle and great performance.   Leaves and debris will be sent to the skimmer basket not the pump basket where they can easily be removed.

Manual System

A manual system is provided with every Pleasure Pool - including a vacuum head, brush, leaf scoop with telescope pole and a big capacity skimmer which is better coping with the autumn leaves and easy to empty.


This optional automatic cleaning system is especially configured to clean smooth surfaced pools.   Double disk and special soft foot adheres to shiny surfaces and it's suction will clear dirt, algae and even small twigs.

          The Baracuda

In Floor Cleaning System

The Infloor Cleaning System is a fully automatic pool cleaner that is available as an optional extra for your Pleasure Pool.

The Caretaker Automatic Cleaning System

1 Caretaker 99 Plus cleaning heads are placed in the floor, steps and benches of your personally designed pool.
2 When activated, the heads pop up in banks of two of more and project water in one direction for about one minute.
3 Suspended debris is removed by the skimmer.
4 Unsuspended debris is systematically pushed toward the Leaf Trapper Main Drain, where is it moved into an easy-access filter located under the deck.
5 When a cycle s complete, the cleaning heads retract flush with the pool's exterior surface and rotate to the next position so that another area can be addressed.
6 The Leaf Trapper will increase pool filtration by up to 100% and acts as a 'prefilter', keeping debris away from your valuable pool pump - extending its life and eliminating frequent cleaning.