Easycare Swimming Pools

Diagram of pool make-up

It will take less time to look after your new Pleasure Pool
than it took to mow the lawn it has replaced

All concrete structure

An all concrete structure means it will not rust, rot or fall apart, and gives us flexibility with features and sites.

All concrete construction
All Concrete Structure - Inground
Our pools are engineer designed and guaranteed to last 50 years!
Concrete Walls
All Concrete - Above Ground

Lap Pool Under ConstructionThis 20 lm lap pool is under construction.  The precast concrete wall unit construction, results in :

    - less weather disruption
    - top quality finish
    - less onsite mess
    - faster construction time

Fully Tiled Wave Band and Step Out

The tiled wave band and fully tiled step-out area provides you with the opportunity to choose a distinctive tile to provide visual interest or a tile to blend with the colours of the Aqualux skin (see our colours section) and/or coping tiles.

Fully Tiled Step Out with Wave Band
Inground Pool with Step-out
The wave band at the water line is the portion of the pool that can show its age the quickest.  By using tiles we provide a super tough surface that will withstand the UV rays and the deposits that can form from the wet-dry-wet-dry action of the pool water.   Tiles will also allow abrasive cleaners to be used if necessary without harming the surface.

Fully Tiled Step Out
Tiled Step-out Concrete Inground Pool
Waveband Detail