Swimming Pool Filtration

Pleasure Pools uses imported filters using sand, Zeolite, recycled glass, or cartridge available specified to meet your requirements.

Sand Filters

Hurlcon RX Pool Filters

We recommend energy saving Hurlcon RX Filters. A quality filtration system will save you time and money by keeping your swimming pool sparkling clean and allowing you more time to enjoy it.

Hurlcon RX Filters produce crystal clear water using fine sand or zeolite as the filter medium. Zeolite is incredibly fine and the water clarity it creates is outstanding.

Large capacity and higher flow rates enable the pool water to be filtered more effectively in a shorter period of time, saving on operating costs and making them more efficient.

Periodic cleaning of the filter can be achieved in less than 3 minutes by simply repositioning of the multi-port valve handle. Superior backwash ensures that the filter media is always cleaned efficiently and effectively.

Made from environmentaly friendly and recyclable High Density PolyEthylene, even the filter's spherical shape has been carefully engineered to ensure maximum life and trouble free operation!

For more infomation on Hurlcon RX Filters please see The AquaClear Website.

Viron Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Pool Filters have always been one of the most effective ways of filtering particles and debris out from a swimming pool or spa. The Viron CL Cartridge Filter has the added advantage of requiring very minimal maintenance. Using four extra large Reemahy Plolyester elements, your Viron filter will only require cleaning about once a year.

For more information on Viron Cartidge Filters for your swimming pool please visit their website or download their brochure.

Viron Pool Pumps

The new Hurlcon Viron P300 Pool Pump is the latest in energy saving swimming pool pumps, and the first available of its kind in New Zealand. It uses new magnetic drive technology first seen in solar powered and hybrid cars. Not only does it operate at 1/12th the noise of a standard swimming pool pump, it also saves over $450 per year in energy costs.