Pool Covers

Liquid Blanket

Liquid BlanketCompletely odourless, tasteless and undetectable by swimming pool users, Liquid Blanket is a fast and easy alternative to pool covers.

Unlike the conventional pool cover, which has to be removed each time the pool is used, and put back on each evening, liquid blanket keeps the pool open and ready to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It eliminates almost all evaporation and saves up to 40% of the heating costs. An automatic dosing system will measure and dose the correct amount of liquid blanket on a daily basis to ensure that the pool is covered every day of the year.

Consider the liquid blanket as your swimming pool cover and the dosing unit as your automatic roller.

Solar Blanket - Plastic Bubble Type Cover

These float on the surface and are designed to retain heat. It is the most cost efficient method of increasing your summer pool fun by up to 2 months, with free heat from the sun. The solar blanket becomes a giant solar energy collector. The sun's energy adsorbs easily through the blanket, heating the water underneath and the trapped heat remains in the pool - where you want it!

Ideal as a starter and with solar heating systems. Available in Blue and Black Only.

Laminated Sandwich Type

These cost 80% more but are more robust and retain even more heat. We recommend these when you are paying for your heat i.e. gas or heat pump.
Available in Black, Blue or Green

Cover Roller

Cover Roller

Make removing the cover much easier and lengthen it's life through better removal and storage.

Needs to be at the widest part of the pool therefore on a curved ended pool it needs to be over the pool while being operated then repositioned off the pool. Careful planning of the surrounds will need to be done to enable it to fit without spoiling the overall effect.

Cover Roller

Motorized Undercover System

Motorized Pool Cover

  • Motorized off the pool (manual back over the pool)
  • No above ground objects to spoil the landscape
  • No winding the cover off the pool
  • No cords or track
  • No direct sunlight on rolled up cover
  • No open slot for waves to dump water
  • Easy to use so it will be on when needed
Cost from $10,000
Available in Black, Blue or Green.


Coverstar - Powered Fabric Pool Cover

Fully Motorized available in Toptrack or Undertrack safety covers for pets and children.

At the push of a control switch, the rectangular shaped pool cover rolls on and off automatically. Coverstar pool covers will seal out dirt, dust and leaves, which in turn will reduce the use of and chemicals by 70%. Heat is also trapped in you pool and your swimming season will be considerably extended and heating costs significantly reduced.
Cost from $12,000

Available in a range of colours.

For more information please see www.autopoolcovers.co.nz

Swimroll - Slatted Motorized Safety Cover

Revolutionary fully automated cover made from interlocking plastic UV treated slats that floats on the water and retracts out of sight at the press of a button.

It is impossible to fall into the water when the cover is closed so it is ultra safe for children and pets and keeps debris out of the pool.

For a clean non-visible cover system that works by the touch of a button, this is the ultimate! If safety and heat retention are important aspects of your pool construction then these covers are the best.

The pool requires a safety ledge build built around the perimeter of the pool, approximately 50mm below the water level, the hollow slatted cover could then sink down to this if children or pets walk on it.

The cover is stored in a large flooded trough at the end of the pool which needs to be accessable from the top for servicing requirements.

Cost from $15,000. Swimroll Pool Covers are available in seven colours; Aquatic Blue, Rock Grey, Pebble-stone, Limestone Yellow, White, Solar Black Polycarbonate and Clear Polycarbonate.

For more information please see www.autopoolcovers.co.nz