Water Care - Sanitizing

Regardless of which sanitizing system you choose your water will need minor tuning to be safe for swimming and compatible with the human body.

This is inexpensive and most aspects stay relatively stable, only altered by additional water from rain or the hose, others can be continually effected by the type of sanitizing system you choose.

Our experience has shown that it is safest to have equipment located in the Filtration area not floating on the water.   Therefore, in order of expense, we provide the following information:Tablet Feeder

Tablet Feeder

A chamber using slow dissolving chlorine tablets and can be adjusted to increase dosage.

Nature 2

Nature 2

The Nature 2 uses a cartridge with a mineral bed that kills bacteria, algae and viruses on contact.   It releases trace elements of silver and copper into the water to help prevent bacteria and algae growth.

Salt and Chlorinators

This system produces chlorine from common salt by electrolysis in small amounts while the filtration is running.   A side effect is that it also increases the pH of the water quite quickly however by adding the pH doser this helps lower the pH and keep the salt cell from getting clogged with calcium.

Chemical Dosing Systems

These have sensors which accurately adjust the amount of liquid chlorine and acid added to the pool.  

The Viron PWB chemical monitoring and dosing systems are designed to create sparkling clean, healthy and balanced pool and spa water while eliminating your day to day pool or spa maintenance.

Viron PWB also has some significant advantages over other chemical dosing systems:

  • Does not require salt, therefore reduces the impact on the environment and keeps pool water pure and fresh
  • Inbuilt peristaltic pumps provide measured dosing of chemicals for accurate sanitizer and pH levels
  • pH and Sanitizer sensors are unique - they incorporate inbuilt amplifiers to ensure the correct signal is transferred to the controller
  • Compact sensor and mixing chamber means simple installation and reduces space required.
  • Controller is programmed for pool and spa volume and automatically adjusts dosing to suit
  • Fuzzy logic controller learns and stores information about dosing requirements and automatically adjusts the sanitizer and pH adjuster to match your pool or spa usage
  • In built time clock operates filtration pump and controller automatically, each day and can even change filtration periods for weekend use
  • Optic couplers between the sensors and controller electronics ensure a interference free signal is processed by the micro processor and ensures reliability
  • The controller micro processor has adjustable settings for audible alarm to alert you if sanitizer or pH readings are out side of the desired parameters
More information for this sanitizing method at www.aquaclear.co.nz.


Available from Novozone this is the most effective sanitizer and does not adversely effect the pH.   It kills faster and a wider range of contaminants.

A correctly sized and installed OzonZ� pool ozonator will produce crystal clear, soft water that is free of the unpleasant odours associated with chemically treated pools. The result is a healthier and more enjoyable swimming pool experience.

Ozone is a natural gas, known to be over 15 times more powerful and 3000 times faster acting than traditional sanitizers like chlorine.

The ozonator injects ozone into swimming or spa pool water in a stream of tiny bubbles. Correctly sized, it will kill all bacteria, viruses and fungi. The dissolved ozone decomposes and assists flocculation of organic waste thereby enhancing the effectiveness of sand filters producing brilliant clear chemical free water. It puts an end to skin, eye and nasal irritation. It is friendly to concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pools, prevents scaling and reduces corrosion.

In fact, based on the amount of chemicals and cleaning costs you will save, your ozonator will probably pay for itself within four years. But even more important than savings is the improved health benefits and maximised enjoyment that you will receive from your prized asset.



EnviroswimEnjoy the feel of swimming in FRESH WATER! Designed to reduce your maintenance time, the EnviroSwim system is simple to operate while producing a clean, clear pool to swim in that does not hurt your eyes or irritate skin. Fantastic for bathers with chlorine intolerance or skin conditions.

The Enviro-Swim System can save you money:

  • The need for additional chlorine can be eliminated entirely.
  • Pump life is considerably extended and run times reduced resulting in substantial power savings.
  • Ultra violet rays or heat does not affect the Enviro-Swim System sanitation ability unlike chlorine or its alternatives, giving full protection on the hottest sunniest days of the swimming season.
  • Enviroswim is not corrosive to pool surrounds and equipment.
  • Drinking water quality - safe to discharge directly onto lawns and gardens!

CONFUSED ?!!?!?!     Don't be.... talk to our consultant and they will get the system that best suited to your needs.
A full compliment of water care and balancing additives are provided and the water is adjusted and fully commissioned before hand-over to you.