What does a good pool cost?

Not as much as you think. The key here is a good pool. No two pools are exactly alike in all respects so it is hard to determine how much your dream pool will cost. To the Industry Standard Pools you must consider the following extras that make a Pleasure Pool so special:

Pleasure Pools include:
Top quality components sourced from around the world.

A Concrete Structure
Tiled Wave Band
Tiled Step Out
Chioce of Interior Finish
Central Vacuuming Point
Total Range of Start Up Additives and Accessories

Pleasure Pools Cost (approx - excl GST)

Small $25,000 - $30,000
Medium    $30,000 - $45,000
Large $45,000+

The best way to get an accurate estimate of the costs involved with your dream Pleasure Pool is to contact us and we can discuss all the options with you onsite - at absolutely no obligation to you!

What are the warrenties?

Concrete Shell - 50 years
Aqualux Liner - 15 years
Fully Tiled - 15 years
Beadcrete - 7 years
Filtration (min) - 2 years
Accessories - 1 year

What is NOT normally included in my pool quote unless specifically detailed?

The cost of excavation and removal of soil
The cost of Council Approvals and Geotech reports if required.
The cost of power to where the filtration is located and the electrician's cost.
The cost of pool fencing.
The cost of stormwater drainage.
The cost of weather proofing the filtration system, but a concrete pad IS provided.
Additional paving and landscaping.

How does your system compare with others for cost?

If you take the quality of the components, the easy care materials chosen and the warranties given, then.... very well!!

Why do you use a concrete shell?

Concrete is a proven material, strong and permanent, when buried in the ground hence the 50yr warranty.   It is a sound surface to tile and it allows flexibility in designing beaches, water features, step-outs, etc..

Would you build your house on a foundation made of anything but concrete?!!

See our Technical page.

How easy will it be to look after?

Conventional concrete pools are great but the interior finish had been a problem to maintain.   Painting does not survive well and most special plaster finishes are still porous and will allow algae to take hold.
As in your bathroom or kitchen you want a hygienic, easy clean surface - that is what our interior options gives you and you will require less sanitizer to maintain healthy water.
See our Easycare Page for more info.

How long does it take to build a Pleasure Pool?

Usually we have to wait about 2-3 weeks for the permit then the pools is scheduled in.   Once we start work onsite your Pleasure Pool can be completed in about 2 or 3 weeks depending on the size, complexity and other development work surrounding the pool.

Where do I start?

You can peg or mark out your dream pool.   Think about patio areas, wind, privacy, access to amenities, etc.
Once you've talked it though with members of the household, phone us and we will arrange an onsite appraisal to work through your thoughts and discuss options with you.

Full poolside landscape design service is available through Interscape.

Can I upgrade our existing Pleasure Pool?

Yes - we have the plans for all pools built and with landscape styles changing an upgrade to the new Aqualux interior is simple.   We don't have to disturb other aspects of the pool at all!

See our Renovations Page

What can I do with my tired concrete pool?

Often we can use a Pleasure Pool system inside your concrete shell and you could transform a liability into a real asset.

See Pool Renovations

What are the running costs of a pool?

An average swimming pool pump runs for 1,700 hours per year at power costs of 20 cents per hour.   Therefore 1,700 x 20c = $340 per year.
Pool additives costs (without sanitizing units)
Untreated Chlorine etc. $500 - $1000
Heated Pool $750 - $2,000

If you purchase a sanitizing system these running costs can be reduced.

Can we see an existing Pleasure Pool?

Yes - we have hundreds of satisfied clients (several who have had more than one pool from us) who are happy for us to make an appointment to view their pool.

Why not start following through on your dream poolside development now!

Contact us and we will turn your dream into reality!