Pool Safety and Fencing

The Pool Fencing Regulation have just gone under a review and have been revised but the individual Councils still have their own interpretations which can change so this makes it very difficult for us to be sure of just what they may require for your project even if we had one approved last week. We can advise on the typical requirements but a pre-inspection although it costs is still a prudent choice to get things clarified before permits are applied for.

Regulations require:

  • Pool fencing is a legal requirement in New Zealand
  • Regulations require a 1.2m high non climbable fence to secure the pool area
  • The house can form part of that enclosure but any doors must have top security locks added.
  • Gates must open outwards and be self closing
  • The clothes line or any other frequently accessed item should not be within the enclosure
  • Wind/Shade Cloth can meet regulations if properly installed

Open rail and bar types made from galv.steel and powder coated aluminium have been widely used but glass has become more popular for those sections where the clear views are paramount, and costs have come down. Where a solid fence is required Panel-Rock is ideal and for a more natural look is desired Brustics www.brustics.co.nz has several choices.

In the new Standards alarms may acceptable as a back-up, see www.sensor-espio.com and with self-closing sliding doors www.swishautomation.com.


Glass provides a natural, barrier-less effect. Giving security whilst not removing the view or adding lines.

Glass provides barrier less pool fencing

Glass Fencing around pool

Glass Edge on pool

Open Rail and Bar

Traditional and secure, made from galvanised steel and powder coated aluminium.

Brustic Fence

Ponga Log & Brushwood fences blend into your surroundings and remind you of a Pacific Island Paradise.

Natural materials create that special ambience - the cool, tranquil atmosphere of thatch or the sculptured texture of Cane and Manuka offer many options.

Brustics provides a range of natural options to provide privacy, whether an urban oasis, or country hide away and wind break.

Brushwood fencesBrustic Pool Fence

Electronic Pool Security

Pool safety has reached a new level with technology!

Sensor Espio� is a very discreet pool alarm. It is the only fall sensing alarm system designed to install underneath pool coping where it is out of sight and out of the way. Situated on the water line, this alarm detects when something has disrupted the normal water movement and sounds an alarm located in the house.

Sensor Espio� can perfectly be integrated to most existing or under construction swimming pools, thanks to its multi support system. Its innovative design allows it to be compatible with a large majority of automatic pool covers.

Equipped with a powerful integrated siren and a remote alarm to place in the dwelling, Sensor Espio� is simple to install and easy to use thanks to its remote control.

Exterior Doors

Doors from your home leading into the pool area must reach regulation requirements.

There are many innovative ideas for pool safety from such door. Please read this pdf for ideas.

DoorMinder Alarm function

Where DoorMinder is installed, an alarm activates within 10 seconds of the door being opened or unlatched, and a siren sounds at 85dB+ to warn that the pool area is accessible. The siren will not sound if the door is opened and closed immediately. The alarm resets automatically, whether or not the alarm is activated. Swish DoorMinder is an approved pool access safety measure only when combined with the Swish SelfLatch (see pdf).

Contact us with your design ideas or plans and lets work together to achieve your idealic poolside setting!