If you really want to add to the enjoyment of your pool, planning to heat it needs to happen before you start construction, even if the actual equipment is added later. Heat Pump for Swimming Pools

Heat Pump

Heat pumps suck in large quantities of the air at ambient temperature extract out the heat and discharge the same amount of cooled air therefore placement of the unit needs to make sure the cooled air is being discharged away from the pool seating /patio areas. With a Heat pump you will spend a similar amount to a good solar installation but you will have control of the pool temperature, so for a party or guests coming the pool can be at your desired temperature.


This form of pool heating needs reasonable access to the roof area and we recommend absorber area be 75%-100% of the pool surface area. Similar capital costs to some other types but you cannot control it's performance.

In very windy sites or at high altitude covered panels are more efficient. Solar Heat can also be gained from large areas of poured concrete paving such as pool surrounds or Tennis Courts. These operate as 'heat sinks' and deliver heated water to the pool well into the evening.

Solar Panels


Viron units reduce costs by up to 20%.
Large capacity units which respond quickly to heating on demand. Must be installed on piped gas. A wide range of models available from 31kw - 98kw.

Oil Fired

Large capacity units ideal where there is no piped gas or where diesel is already on site. Available in either 55kw or 77kw models.


Low capital cost - high running cost. Small unit easy to retrofit if power supply has the capacity.


With our precast wall panel or concrete block system it is easy to incorporate it behind the walls. We generally use 40mm of polystyrene and then 90m drainage foam. We can use 7mm polypropylene on the interior of the walls prior to the installation of the Aqualux liner. See the Technical page for more details.