Courtyard Pools

With many of today's sections of land getting smaller often there isn't a lot of space available for a pool but as you can see by these examples a very exciting area can be constructed in tight sites.

The inclusion of a pool can not only provide a very enjoyable outdoor living area but also enhance the views from inside the adjoining rooms, creating the illusion of a larger area.

Using raised gardens around some of the perimeter can have several benefits, it can stop big waves from entering the soil/barked gardens, also raises plants to help soften the height of boundary walls, and allows trailing plants to be used.

Careful consideration has to be given to the Engineering and Councils Regulations when planning these projects and we can assist with this.

COPING:Limestone DESIGNER:Interscape
INTERIOR:AqualuxLOCATION:Bay of Plenty
INTERIOR:Aqualux Caribbean LOCATION:Coromandel

INTERIOR:Aqualux GraniteLOCATION:Auckland
Courtyard Pool Tauranga
COPING:Riviera DESIGNER:Interscape
INTERIOR:Aqualux CaribbeanLOCATION:Bay of Plenty

Contact us with your design ideas or plans and lets work together to achieve your idealic poolside setting!