Infinity Edge Pools

Looking over and swimming in an infinity edge pool is a unique experience. The lack of visual restraint to the pool and its blending into the wider landscape give a feeling of freedom and being part of the horizon.

Infinity pools are also known as weir edge, vanishing edge or negative edge pools.

The engineering design involves either a catchment trough (which is also a storage/overflow catchment) or a hidden gutter system, to a storage tank located out of view. The water cascades over the weir into this collection system that runs along beneath the whole length of the weir. The effect when viewed by a bather in the pool is very dramatic when the edge appears to merge with sea in the background or even the sky if the pool is located high up on a hillside.

So long as the edge of the pool is not a walk-way then it does not need a hand rail or fence.
The drop off edge can also provide the 1.2 non-climbable aspect of the pool safety regulations.

INTERIOR:Fully TiledLOCATION:Bay of Plenty
Infinity Edge Pools Hamilton
INTERIOR:Aqualux GraniteLOCATION:Waikato

Infinity Edge Pools Hamilton
INTERIOR:Aqualux GraniteLOCATION:Taupo

INTERIOR:Aqualux Sky BlueLOCATION:Auckland
COPING:SandstoneDESIGNER:Pacific Architecture

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