POOL INTERIORS - Aqualux Finish


This flexible surface won't crack, chip, peel or flake.
It is non-porous and sanitized so it resists algae growth, smooth so it won't cause abrasions and it is so easy to clean. That is why it is Americas most popular pool surface.

The Nylex Aqualux interior pool liner is the only swimming pool finish that is Sanitized treated. This world patented process actually inhibits green algae, bacteria and fungus to help keep your pool crystal clear and makes swimming even more enjoyable.

Besides the liner, Pleasure Pools have as standard a unique tiled waveband (see Easycare). This strip around the pool at water level takes the brunt of wear and tear. Adhered directly onto the concrete walls, highest quality glazed tiles span from the top of the wall to below the surface.

The step-out is finished in a non-slip permanent material (Not vinyl).

Exclusive to Pleasure Pools is our Patented 3 piece extrusion which provides a secure, waterproof underwater termination of the Aqualux liner. With it's colour matched finish this strip is by far the most attractive and reliable in the market anywhere in the world.

Continuing down from the waveband is the Aqualux liner. A selection of liners is available to create the underwater look you desire.

Below are the liners currently available.

Please click on the colour for an enlarged view and photos of pools using that liner colour.