"Natural" Pools

Natural Setting Pools

These pools usually have a more informal shape and often include beach areas and rock features. On larger or more country site these can fit in with the boarder landscape and help develope a softer natural feel to the total area. The rock pools are great fun for the kids and provide soft sounds as water trickles from natural waterfalls.

In the past these shapes have been a little less popular because of the difficulties of dealing with a pool cover and winding it off the irregular shape, but with new technology a liquid cover has been developed for water conservation to minimise evaporation and this means a 40% saving in heating costs - see Easycare.

COPING:Clay Pavers DESIGNER:Classic Landscapes
INTERIOR:Aqualux MaldiveLOCATION:Bay of Plenty
INTERIOR:Aqualux St Tropez LOCATION:Waikato

INTERIOR:Aqualux CaribbeanLOCATION:Bay of Plenty
INTERIOR:Aqualux GraniteLOCATION:Coromandel

Swimming Pool in Natural Setting
COPING:ClaypavDESIGNER:Owner & Pleasure Pools
INTERIOR:Aqualux MaldiveLOCATION:Bay of Plenty
Natural Setting Pool
COPING:Natural StoneDESIGNER:Owner
INTERIOR:Aqualux GraniteLOCATION:Auckland

COPING:Natural Stone
INTERIOR:Aqualux Granite
Natural Setting Pool

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