Building your Pleasure Pools swimming pool
Precast Concrete - Aqualux Liner

Single Wall Construction

Hydorstatic 'drain' located at deepest point in the pool The precast concrete wall panels are in place and the dished concrete floor is being finished.
The joints have been sealed and flushed smooth.   The 3 piece extrusion is being located for the tiled Wave Band. Adding tiled waveband to pool
Pool Trimmed - lights and fittings in place - now filling with water The Aqualux liner has been fully beaded into the extrusion, then vacuum fitted into the concrete shell. The water is being added - it will soon be ready to enjoy!

Twin Wall Construction

    • Fully compliant to Building Code AS/NZS 1170:2002 Sec B 1/VM 1vm Loadings, Concrete NZS3101-2006. Professional Engineer Producer Statement-PS1-Design pertaining to Section B1 of the NZ Building Code issued with every pool.
    • Bespoke design options.
    • More flexible - allows construction right up to boundary, ideal for sloping or fully out of ground sites.
    • Retaining wall can be constructed on top of pool wall with minimal internal strengthening, with-in the 250mm footprint.
    • Above ground construction may bring pool level closer to house floor level for enhanced indoor outdoor flow.
    • May minimise need for pool fencing as 1.2 above ground meets the regulation.
    • Piles can easily be constructed under the perimeter foundation for unstable ground.
    • Ideal choice in unstable cut ground i.e. sand gravel, peat, subject to Geotech Site Report.
    • Prefinished smooth interior and exterior or feature finish.
    • Choice of interior finish's, fully tiled, Aqualux membrane, Beadcrete decorative plaster.
    • Factory produced onto steel moulds for smooth predictable quality.
    • Precast wall panels are waterproof stopping water egress from either side.
    • Minimised on-site construction time.

    • Concrete Block - Much more porous, penetrations more difficult to seal, web interrupts poured concrete infill and provide possible leak path.
    • Sprayed Concrete/Shot Crete - Outer formwork often required, porous shell easily absorbs ground water, possibility of `shadow voids' behind the reinforcing rod which can collect water and set up rust attack, shell needs truing plaster coats on interior and interior, difficult to include effective insulation.
    • Fibreglass Shell - Not self-supporting, seldom remains level after installation, restricts design options; thin wall means minimal heat storage capacity.

    • Quicker- No need for form work.
    • Outer shell protects from minor excavation cave-in.
    • Less likely other trades will create delays or damage pool work.
    • Penetrations already pre-cast into wall panels.
    • Poured concrete core is continuous.
    • Better Quality Control

    • Excellent insulation 50mm reduces heating costs.
    • Waterproof concrete stops exterior water entering the structure.
    • Solid concrete exterior provides security against damage.
    • No- sweeping floor cove design provides more usable floor space.
    • Slides truly vertical minimises wall cleaning.
For a pdf brochure of the above information on Twin Wall Pool Construction plus a diagram image of the Twin Wall System please click here.
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Progress in Wanaka
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Tauranga Swimming Pool
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Vodafone Warriors Therapy Pools

Twin wall construction

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Pool Component Layout

Pool Component Layout - Schematic Diagram

1  Skimmer Box - sucking leaves, debris from water
2  Vacuum Socket - Socket central along wall
3  Eyeball Returns - adjustable fittings directing filtered water
4  Liner Fitting Cap - brass plug capping pipe to base
5  Ground Water Suction System - visible at pump/motor connection
6  Light Fitting - variable types
7  Light Box/Transformer - may be mounted on fence or in garden
8  Hydrostatic Relief Drain - not visible under liner

Concrete Block Construction

Aqualux lined concrete pool
  1. This concrete block shell has been waterproofed and has a Quartzon Beach area and Aqualux for the main interior.

  2. With this concrete block shell the interior has been fully waterproofed with Mapelastic and finished in Beadcrete.

  3. This 2.0m deep infinity edge pool was fully waterproofed with Mapelastic and the full interior was glass tiled.
Beadcrete concrete pool
Fully tiled concrete poolGlass tile concrete pool