Pool Surrounds

The pool surrounds can vary according to individual taste and suitability of the section and surroundings of the pool - not to mention the pool style. But once again the options become limitless. The surrounds shown on this page give some excellent examples of designer choices.

Cut Stone

Travertine,Natural Split Sandstone and Flamed granite are ideal hardwearing stones for Copings (the actual product at the pool edge) and surround patios.

Using these natural products gives a good colour choice, greens,greys,anthracite, creams, browns,etc.and because the stone is the same all through it can be dressed (shaped) and looks the same on the edges. With natural stone you have more choices in size and this add to the way details can be included in the design.

It has a softer look and feel making it nice to walk on in bare feet and it does not heat up like glazed tiles.

A generous fan shaped space between the wings of the house provides an ideal sheltered location for this clean lined pool. The raised planter provides an attractive back drop and the water feature is viewed from most rooms.

Cut Stone is attractive and practical

Natural Stone

Selected Quarry Stone can be used to give a 'natural' look and blend with beach areas. The stone needs to be hard and may need the edges worked to follow the pool edge

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles from New Zealand and overseas gives a long-life finish to the coping edge and beyond, and come in a range of earth colours, some are now being glazed to broaden the colour range.

They are normally square up to 300 x 300mm but some ranges now include 300 x 600mm

Clay Tile Pool Surround

Wooden Decking

This has been a popular choice where the pool is located on sloping ground, and also has the advantage of not holding the heat, and are quick drying.

Timber choices have included clean pine, sustainable harvested/grown hard and medium density species, most of which are best left to weather naturally.

Brilliant New Products on the market made from recycled plastic milk bottles/waste timber combinations. These come in a brushed non-slip surface and have colour variances and choices

They will stay true, do not have knots and do not need frequent cleaning and staining. A hidden fixing system means no nail or screw penetrations through the top face.


Decorative Concrete

With the current trend of larger paving areas and less joints, Coloured Concrete becomes an attractive option. This is best to go from the back of the pool edges coping, and can either be cut into squares or, as in the photo, divided by hardwood timber headers.

Ensure there is an expansion joint between the poured concrete and coping.


When designing pool and paving area remember to slope away from pool and provide catchment and discharge for storm water.

Contact us with your design ideas or plans and lets work together to achieve your idealic poolside setting!