Spa Pools

The options are shown here with separate portable spas, concrete spas fully tiled or Beadcreted, and Acrylic shells plumbed and insulated blended into the overall design by using linked materials with other elements of the poolscape. In N.Z.we usually have the spa water separate to the pool water as they usually run at 38 -40 deg and a swimming pool at say 20 -28 deg, so mixing the water is not cost effective.

Where you see water features looking as if they come from spa to pool this is an illusion and its pool water plumbed to that position. Concrete spa shells can cost more than double acrylic but it does give design flexibility.

COPING:Slate PavDESIGNER:Landscape Design Co
INTERIOR:Concrete/Fully TiledLOCATION:Bay of Plenty
INTERIOR:Acrylic Portable Spa LOCATION:Bay of Plenty

COPING:SandstoneDESIGNER:Classic Pools & Landscapes
INTERIOR:Concrete/Beadcrete LOCATION:Bay of Plenty
COPING:SandstoneDESIGNER:Owner & Pleasure Pools
INTERIOR:Acrylic Spa LOCATION:Bay of Plenty

COPING:TravatineDESIGNER:Jan McGowan
INTERIOR:Acrylic Portable Spa LOCATION:Auckland
INTERIOR:Concrete Fully Tiled LOCATION:Bay of Plenty

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